#AskBoxhead - You done gone all corprate on us???

Saturday, 23 September 2023

Our Boxy. What a man. Living the good life we all would love to be living.

But it is not all chocolate and roses for Boxy. Occasionally we do have to summon him out of his cardboard paradise to answer questions from our readership. Today his revelry has been disturbed by resident fuckwit Ricardovitz, who has a concern about his employment status...


Dear Boxhead,

Thar Eff Bee Eye done told me you be work'n fer THE MAN, Boxboy. Sent me a pic of you ware'n yer neck-noose 'n a coat in thar middle of Janyary. They done snapped this one of ya cozzin up tar yer boss-man.

Rickys little dicky

Well, boy, is this here what ya been up tar???



Dear Ricky,

Hmmm... Ricky why don't you have a good look at that picture. You know, a real squizz. Notice anything? See any cardboard???

Christ Ricky you are as dumb as a piece of 4x2, and as ugly to match.

 I don't work for no boss man. I don't work for any 'man'. I wander Gods Golf Ball in a serenity few have known, with no need to kowtow to any superior.

 But interesting to know you been talking to your friends in the FBI. I am sure there is nothing suspicious about that at all Hillbilly.


Yours etc,








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