Saturday, 06 August 2005 By Patriot

The cedar tree democratic revolution in Lebanon was a victory not only for the people of Lebanon but also for the vigorous pro-freedom and anti-terrorist actions of President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair. It was also a slap in the face for the Baathist tyrants who run Syria. And now it appears that these dictators maybe again up to their devious ways; this time re-locating their vicious secret service thugs into Iraq to destabilise it’s fledgling democracy.

Evidence for this comes in the latest cowardly attacks on US marines in western Iraq.

The highly co-ordinated attacks which claimed the lives of at least 20 heroes indicate a level of sophistication above that of the average Baathist bullyboy of the Sadaam regime. Western intelligence sources in the know are saying it appears that members of the Syrian 'Gestapo' are now getting blood on their hands as they direct, and are involved in, attacks on the Coalition of the Willing forces.

I have previously reported on the terrorist training camps in Syria and it seems that the clique of despots that run this bastion of evil have been terrified by the freedom at their doorstep and are trying to do all that they can to stop it reaching their oppressed subjects.

For too long these evil men in Damascus have been terrorising their neighbours and allowing the dead-enders and foreign jihadis to use the Iraq-Syria border as an open door to fight against the forces of freedom and democracy in Iraq. The time is coming when stern action from President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair maybe needed to teach these Baathist thugs that freedom is coming and they better get out of the way!


God bless,

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