#AskBoxhead - Covid Vaccines Alter DNA?

Tuesday, 16 January 2024

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Today Boxhead is dealing with a question from Walter.


Dear Mr Boxhead

I watched this Tucker Carlson interview with the Florida state chief of medicine and he says that mRNA vaccines should be banned because they contain DNA which can "hitch hike" via nano lipids into human cells permanently altering a person's DNA!

Is this true?

Walter from Walgett


Wheres the bog

"Where's the bog, I'm dying mate!"

Dear Wally,

Walgett hey? Deep in the outback of NSW. A long way from anywhere.

Why the fuck are you watching some Yank crap by a guy who looks as dumb as a split goose? Got bored at home while the Missus is out I suppose...

Look Wal, don't be worrying about no DNA and RNA crap. You don't understand it, and probably never will. If you are really looking for protection that works grab a box. Cut a few holes for your eyes. And then slide it over your noggin. Instantly you will get the feeling of peace. Of calm. And truly not giving a fuck. Leave it on a bit longer and you will find your confidence growing, and who knows, maybe your pecker will gain a few mm too.

Yours with deep respect,


boxl 295x189



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