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A Fresh Worm In My Stale Rat

Created: Saturday, 09 June 2007 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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I had a reflective moment.
(not in a mirror I mean)

Johnny once a fresh turd
Sparkle in the sun, wait for the rain
There he was, waxing most absurd
I'm not treading there again

Honest John now lying rodent
Wet cement soft, so soft
Make boots, hard cement
Drop into deep from high aloft

Johnny so malignant
More growth than we can endure
Into the ground we plant
A man of most rooted stature

This is the debt that John built
An account now overdrawn
Built rhymes with guilt
Why was it ever born?

This is the luck that John sold
Sit quiet and sad, escape burden of sin
Our pizzas are stale, our longings are old
Spew up your hope into a tin

Non-core John is tired and rotten
Our tears been dry many a week
It's better liked than forgotten
Let us all paddle up his creek

Oh Johnny, so tired but very shifty
Hoping by now to have gladdened
You been dead since you were fifty
You soon gone, but we not saddened

Dirty old John is worn and vile
Wisdom is not to be sly
A grin is not a smile
Why does freshly cut onion make me cry?

John is ancient and John is thick
If he were only a mote in the eye of time
Poke his eye with a pointed stick
Surely good, and not a crime

Behold the national non-core runt
Born with a prick
Becomes full-time cunt
If he gets back - kill me, kill me quick!