Monday, 04 April 2011 By Ricardovitz

In a courageous act of free speaking, a church in Gainesville, Florida has burned a copy of the Koran following a trial of the Islamic holy book. First, Pastor Wayne Sapp gave the Koran 'n Islam a fair trial. Muslims were offered an opportunity ta defend thar Koran, but they couldn't or wouldn't. After the trial, Islam was found guilty of murder and deviltry, 'n the Koran itself was adjudicated guilty. So, bein that Florida is a death-penalty state, the sentence was execution of the Koran.



"Guitly!" She cried.

The execution of the Koran was carried out by pastor Wayne Sapp under the supervision of Terry Jones, the righteous church leader who canceled a planned Koran burning late last year following widespread outrage and an admonition from US authorities that his action could endanger the lives of American troops fighting in Muslim countries. According to Reverend Jones, "We got a lot of folks in our Church who say that burning the Koran without givin it a fair trial ain't fair; well, I'm all about being fair, so we gave that Koran a fair trial."

Sunday’s event, dubbed “International Judge the Koran Day,” drew around 90 spectators. The Koran was given a “trial,” the “jury” deliberated for about eight minutes, and a guilty verdict was delivered. Some folks claim that the trial was rigged, because the Koran had already been soaking in kerosene for an hour 'fore execution. Reverend Jones responded "We didn't soak the Koran in kerosene fer punishment, no, everyone knows that the Koran is an evil book and to keep that evil confined, it has to be safely stored in kerosene."

Jones opined that the Koran couldn’t have a real trial without real punishment. Jones' Church originally petitioned Raiford Correctional Prison, where "Old Sparky" is still kept but has been out of use for over 15 years, to use Old Sparky to give the Koran a fitting execution. Reverend Jones was turned down, and the explanation given to him was "We can't risk damaging Old Sparky with burning a book - off the record, Old Sparky is still in service."


Bush the stupid.

"I was there" George the Stupid.


So it was that Pastor Sapp torched the book with a barbecue lighter. The Koran burned for about 10 minutes; some in the audience posed for photos. Jones supporter Jadwiga Schatz said she attended the event because of the growing “threat” of Islam in Europe, half a world away from Florida. “These people (Muslims), for me, are like monsters,” she opined. “I hate these people.”

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