Fear of People With Guns

Created: Wednesday, 18 April 2007 Written by DOCTOR_BENWAY
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How Recreational Psychiatry(TM) Helps

I suppose this is a good time to enlarge
upon the topic of fear, guns, and safety.

Most people live lives of pathetic fear.
All they want most is for the nice policeman
to promise them safety, and they will grant
him total power over their lives for this.
Any safety gained this way is a total illusion,
however, and your powerful protector will rapidly
become your powerful persecutor.

Still, the craving for safety remains. What to do?

Here is where my Recreational Psychiatry(TM)
technology comes to the rescue.
With some carefully implanted electrodes, we can
fondle away your fears electronically.

So, when a crazed gunman turns up at your
classroom, lecture, or workplace waving his
gun, you will feel perfectly safe.
Even as the bullets thud into your twitching
flesh you will be feeling calm and safe.

It is optional to feel smug that you are also
disarmed, gun-free, and defenceless.

Now, what could be better than that?