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Created: Monday, 20 December 2004 Written by Submit_News
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Getaway star Katrina Rowntree is set wow audiences in her new one woman show "I Katrina" which features a showcase of the holiday host's talents including singing, poetry, gymnastics and a forty minute ventriliquist act.
"She's off her fucking nut" said stage manager Jim Billsworth who was lucky enough to witness a recent dress rehearsal. The show set to open in Sydney this week has been a great ambition for Miss Rowntree who says that she first got the idea when her mother told her she should share her talents with the rest of the country.

"I'd read mum a poem I wrote about my current partner and she was just floored by how good it was" said an excited Rowntree who was generous enough to give an example of the poem she wrote after meeting her lover in an Italian restaurant.

"Our eyes met across the table as you tucked into your spaghetti
Your magic smile your luscious lips-
How could I forgetti ".

Rhyming words with spaghetti is only one of many of Katrina's fortes with singing and gymnastics also featuring in the show.

"I sing the national anthem whilst performing a somersault" she said of what has been described by experts as "a particularly dangerous stunt".
"It took a fair bit of practice and yes it is dangerous but as I've always said if there's one thing missing in theatre these days it's gymnastics".

Rounding off the show will be what Katrina has described as "an old friendship being shared" as she and her little dummy "Kenny" perform their ventriliquist act which is littered with Katrina's trademark sense of humuor.

"I do some Knock Knock jokes that I wrote myself" she said "and then Kenny sings the national anthem whilst I'm doing a somersault and drinking a glass of water"

Tickets for the show are available now for $1.50 through Katrina's mum.