Sir John Welfarecheat sucks neocon butt...

Created: Thursday, 06 March 2008 Written by Chato
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... and hardly pauses for a breath as he
receives the Zionist/Neocon Kristol award
for services to the Israeli wealthy.

John Welfarecheat has made his first
major crawl and grovel to the international
wealthy since being found out by the Aussie
public who flung him out.

The plucky little buttplug assured the
glittering throng of wealthy parasites
that he was just as committed to being
the same old arse-parasite they had
paid to betray Australia's interests,
and he would never withdraw his tongue
from their nether regions as long as
he could slither around in the gutter.

More than 1200 conservative figures
came away feeling that all their
atrocities had been well-received by
all Australians, and praised the little
Aussie anal infection for making them
all feel that their loot would be safe.