#AskBoxhead Shooting Politicians

Friday, 17 June 2016

Boxhead. The Man in the Box. What a fucking Aussie legend. Is there anything this cunt doesn't know? I wouldn't think so!

He could be making millions on the stock exchange, but he much prefer to be here. Answering your questions on life, love, and the Universe. Today he has a curly one from Mr Lee Harvey Norman...



Dear Boxy,

Is it right to shoot Politicians?


Lee Harvey Norman



Dear Lee,

Now I am not the violent kind. And straight off the bat let me say I reckon it isn't a good idea to go around pinging our Pollies.

However, like all rules, there are always exceptions.

What if you had the chance to take out old Adolf? Would you? Shouldn't you?

Uncle Joe? Surely history wouldn't be so unkind to you if you laid low the Georgian?

Lopping of King Louis XVI's noggin? Surely justified, given the situation.

The fact is some do have the right to this ultimate violence. And it ain’t you and me Lee. This right only resides with the buggers at the top.

The Presidents.

The Kings & Queens.

The C-E-fucking-Os.

The question really should be why should these arseholes have the right to shoot? 

No problem Lee. Let us move quietly amongst them. Proudly with our head in a box, we won’t bend.





boxhead on the balcony 2




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