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Created: Thursday, 10 February 2005 Written by Curious, Chelsea
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... you are a psy-ops outfit for ASIO?
Ethics; that is what the reading public demands of you!

Are all your lies the mere concoctions of the fevered mind of a Canberra bureaucrat???
Wasn't it Churchill who said:
"To win the war you must live a little, love a little, and lie a lot"?

Your motto perhaps. Raisin D'aitre? I know what lies beneath, worms thick and gooey, waiting for your putrescence. Your tales fly off into the ether, deliberate misinterpretations of daily events. It is more than spin; it is an outrageous attempt to bend reality to your sinister whim.

Is it that you desire more war? More pulp for the grindstone? Grist for the mill?

I traced a line thru all your nonsense and came to the conclusion that it was I that spilt the milk...

All over your sweet belly.

Sir Jack Alott

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