Created: Wednesday, 31 January 2007 Written by Chato
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How Jesus wants us to go to glory!
John speaks of his vision splendid.

It gets lonely here sometimes in the ghost-haunted
and wind-swept corridors and rooms of Kirribilli
House, but it is at times like this that I have my
very best visions.

This is one that continues to become clearer by
the day. As my medication begins to wear off the
idea becomes so real, that I can almost touch it!

Imagine this:

A squad of young and patriotic Oz soldiers pledge
to sacrifice their lives in the Anzac spirit for
something that is greater and more holy than
themselves. In other words, Jesus, The Monarchy,
The Queen, and property prices.

They, of course, will be immortalized when I lay a
wreath for them at The Cenotaph in any case.

They will go on a one-way mission to strike a blow
against a terrible superstition that threatens
Christianity, Zionism and the American Way!

They will hijack a couple of planes that are about
to travel some common domestic routes in the
middle-east. All will seem normal, until, at the
last moment the planes will disappear from radar,
then suddenly appear over the capital city of Iran.
Then, (this is the master-stroke), they plunge
these planes into the main commercial buildings,
thereby crippling communications, transport and
creating mass panic.

This would put the icing on the cake of my
successful Iraq adventure, and finally,
Christianity, Zionism and the American Way,
would be safe from this evil, heathen superstition
that would seek to deny the west the oil it needs
for its four wheel drive urban assault vehicles!