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Monday, 19 December 2022 By Mad Mike the Wannabee Marketing Mogul

the twitter files

This article is being updated as new information becomes available.

The "Twitter Files" provided solid proof that more than several three letter agencies not only track all Twitter content but have been actively manipulating narratives and instructing Twitter staff to censor, ban, shadow ban, search ban and suspend accounts.

What is surprising is that there are people that are surprised by the revelations.

The massive dump of internal email correspondence was shared with several journalists by new Twitter owner Elon Musk with the proviso that analysis of the files would be first published via Twitter.

One of the journalists, Matt Taibbi, posted that "The latest documents show, in bulk, the master-canine relationship between the FBI and Twitter."

Another journalist who received the drop, Bari Weiss, posted this week: "The old regime at Twitter governed by its own whims and biases and it sure looks like the new regime has the same problem."

The releases were published in the following Twitter threads:

Part 1 - The Twitter Files

Part 2 - Twitter's Secret Blacklists

Part 3 - The Removal of Donald Trump - October 2020-January 6th

Part 4 - The Removal of Donald Trump - January 7

Part 5 - The Removal of Trump From Twitter

Part 6 - Twitter, The FBI Subsidiary

Extra - Twitter Files Supplemental (TWITTER AND THE FEDERAL TASK FORCE)

Part 7 - The FBI & the Hunter Biden Laptop

Part 8 - How Twitter Quietly Aided the Pentagon’s Covert Online PsyOp Campaign

Part 9 - Twitter and "Other Government Agencies"

Part 10 - How Twitter Rigged The Covid Debate

Part 11 - How Twitter Let the Intelligence Community In (i.e.Russia Gate Fiasco)

Part 12 - Twitter and the FBI “Belly Button”

Part 21 - How to Find Russians Anywhere


With criticism that the files released in the above threads have the scent of gatekeeping about them an ex-twitter employee has forwarded a dump of info to journalist Kristen Ruby.

To present a bigger picture on the nature of the Twitter machine this information is also included in this article.


More of these dumps soon. Article will be updated. Thanks to the editor for allowing me to update it. Or check the hashtag #RubyFiles on Twitter.

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