Created: Sunday, 05 March 2006 Written by Chato
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Our globalized robopathic future. Quote:
The most important projects of
the future will be vast government
sponsored inquiries into the
so-called "problem" of making people
love their servitude.

Thanks to the miracle of mass importation
of third-world workers into Oz, we can
feel relaxed and comfortable with the
notion that we are not racists because
we allow the desperate folk from poor
nations to work cheap in dangerous
or degrading jobs in Oz.
There is no point in calling Uncle Suckhole
"racist", because he is flooding Oz with
the wretched of the Earth. He is just as
prepared to exploit any living thing for
his mates - no matter what race or colour.
He does not discriminate between losers.

Of course, it shall be soon that we
cannot allow the vagaries of the free
market to set wages and conditions for
workers - we must submit to what the
omniscient Uncle Suckhole thinks is
a fair thing for us all.

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