Created: Saturday, 17 February 2007 Written by Chato
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That could be the epitaph of a terminally stupid
species if nothing changes soon, as all the
major indicators head south.

When a culture is known for the shabbiness and
vulgarity of its philistine tastes, and it admires
or worships the rapacity and villainy of its most
"successful" members, the catastrophe has arrived
already, and a dystopian future has been secured.

If a materialistic and sordid outlook is the new
social norm that has been "embraced", the denizens
of such a society need to have at least a trace of
intelligence left, otherwise there is no chance of
their survival in any meaningful way in such a
chaotic sociological sewer. Stupidity is no way to
ward off extinction, whether it be a personal or
collective extinction.

Unfortunately, the chances for the bloody awful
Australian social experiment are not good.
All the old social institutions are so eroded by
social engineering that they cannot be saved,
and the average level of social intelligence has
declined to the point where most "citizens" live
in a television-induced hypnoidal fog that makes
any appeal to deeper considerations, pointless and
deeply futile.

The accumulating burden of more and more stupid
mistakes grows remorselessly when the average
number of mistakes exceeds the average number of
solutions, and that burden will soon destroy any
chance of avoiding the total obliteration of this
society as a rational and functioning system.

The sheer material cost of maintaining the
infrastructure of these urban and suburban
settlements is always a marginal balancing act,
even when society has a high collective
intelligence and good will, but when these are
compromised, "civilization" collapses.

Drinking the sewage of other people is just one
more sign of collapse, and it certainly will not
save what is already doomed.

There is no point in people saying things like,
"they will have to do something about this"
when "they" are busy trying to save themselves.

One morning you will wake-up to a world where the
TV no longer works, where no power comes out of
the power-point, the taps are dry, there will be
no fuel, the supermarkets will be empty and
looted, and some gunfire can be heard nearby.

And that will only be the beginning of your
rapidly worsening nightmare!