Eternal life just a brain transplant away...

Friday, 15 March 2013 By Science Reporter

Oh those Poindexters of Science. If they are not making things go boom then they are tinkering with mice to develop all sorts of freaks. But at least it seems some of these over-pampered suckers of the Government teat have finally done something useful. They have discovered a way, in principal, we could live forever!


Death? No more!


Read the abstract for more information, but in a nutshell what they have done is prove that your brain can live forever if you can transplant it into a new body every once in a while. And as your brain is you, that means you will live forever!


So all we need to do now is to get these absent-minded Professors to pull their fingers out of their test tubes and to get cracking on making us these empty shells we can transplant our brains into. It shouldn’t take them too long; given all the money us hard-working taxpayers dish out to them! And I for one look forward to my new life as a God.


With life eternal.


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