It's A Man's Life in the (Pirate) Navy

Friday, 31 March 2023 By Pirate Tales of Yore

Tales ribald and true.

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Just you and the boys cruising the 7 seas.

'Some say we were the original anarchists. But we were never that lazy. For leading a life of pleasure takes some effort. Some gusto. And that is nothing you will ever find in your average band of depressed, and oh-so oppressed, black flag wavers.'

Pirate Lad Green Haired Jim


Man, is there nothing better than long held dreams cumming true? AFTER days under the hot tropical sun the Green Haired Boy emerges hard and strong. And his gang of gangbanging Poofy Jims are crying "Ahoy my Hearties!"

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More of the lads unveiled

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Is she a boy?

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The original is the best though.


Jim always told me: "I am gunna keep my gender fluid. And then I will spunk it all over you"


The say the water is a rising... And soon we all will want to be sailors. And what better way to learn to sail than living the Pirate Life. Enjoying your new life on the water. With your cutlass in hand. The Pirate Life.


A typical day on board:

'Woke with the Cap'ns knob in my mouth.

And hadn't even brushed my teeth!

Then he flipped me over and the rest is his story, for he had GOD'S MIGHTY TOSSIL...'


The Pirates of Yore had a number of Ports they called home.




Reunion Island.


and Thule.

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But no Pirate Boy ever wanted to be on the mean streets of Castro's Cuba.




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