I found that boy Chato...

Created: Thursday, 03 July 2008 Written by Ricardovitz
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After much research, I found Chato jest 'bout in my back yard Now, I'm over yonder the next state from where I done found Chato. Chato is livin in Dadeville Alabama. Here's where he's wroking at:

Authentic Mexican Food

Experience a taste of Old Mexico when you visit Chato's Wetback Restaurant in downtown Dadeville. You will find baboon faces and lazy service at a price that can't be beat.  If you just ignore them 7 wetback families livin in the restaurant, you can git yerself some decent grub.  Nathan says you won't find any ornaments made in Kazchinkistan or Chinorea - they's all from Tijuiana.   

Chato's is a family friendly - where you can watch the young wetback ladies do naked "quarter squats" o­n friday nights and have amorous relations with donkeys every thrusday during happy hour.   Chato says bring the little niños and swap them out for little gringo babies o­n monday nights.  Cock fighting and dawg fights every Saturday night. 

Ain't nothin you cain't find at Chato's that they ain't done in Tijuiana!