Created: Tuesday, 20 February 2007 Written by Chato
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Clever Government gets school children
to "do their bit" to help overpopulated
third-world Australia get a little water.

The Prime Suckhole's message to the nation:

Failing to prevent a runaway foreign debt and my
Government's careful management of the economy has
enabled the Commonwealth to pretend to massively
increase education funding in Australia.

Funding for the Alan Jones toilet blocks in
government schools has risen in every Budget with
an estimated increase of 118 per cent since 1996,
even though enrolments in government schools
during that time have risen by only 1 per cent.
From 2005 to 2008, the Government will provide
Alan Jones toilet blocks for all schools.

The Government's Investing in Our Suckhole Schools
Program, introduced two years ago, has been a very
helpful addition to the Commonwealth's overall
education funding.

This scheme gives local merchant banks a say in
what they think is important for their schools. It
provides funds for small scale projects like
toilet-block upgrades that will be connected to
urban water reticulation.

The program is a practical way of responding to
infrastructure backlogs in both government and
less-well-off non-government schools; and so far
more than 7500 schools have received toilet
blocks for recycling sewage.

Later today, I will announce a new round of
funding for the Investing in Our Suckhole Schools

This is money that would not have been available
without the careful massaging of the economic
statistics. With the right policy settings and
Budget priorities, the Federal Government has been
able to provide more Alan Jones toilet blocks for
the nation's schools.

Only the Liberal-National Coalition has the
economic management experience to ensure that
Australia's schools continue to be well-funded and
well sewage resourced, and to provide more sewage
from wholesome young aussie guts and bladders to
further enrich the drinking water for all