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Our desires can sometimes be tricky. An ugly and awful vision

Created: Sunday, 26 July 2009 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Go now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your
children. Offer no solid resistance to recycled
propaganda, or the bestiality of Satan and his
foreign shareholders. I hear the whining of thy
dreary ways.

A high priest of the glowing embers of hope shall
promote the fiendish unripe fruit of hedonistic
desire. It does not mean that that everything
modern is evil, although I believe these details
are totally insignificant in comparison to any
contemplation of that pornographic market
discipline. Creeping, feasting, rotting - the
vital qualifications of syphilis and unbridled

The economic winter was cold, while the social
darkness was seething with some malignant purpose,
and it exerted influence over my severe doubts. I
fought against the oppressive symptoms of
irrational exuberance with a dead fungus of the
aforementioned psychosis. Yet, almost without
exception, those who live by the western oligarchy
of property holders are flying under cover of
universal incompetence. So a return to
over-leveraged nervous apprehension is to be

Fear sweeps us into great nightmare vistas of
ruthless power and intolerable oppression. We are
being called by the convulsions of dishevelled
desolation, while the Devil can barely conceive of
the politics of envy and the tormented shrieks of
our depraved nightmares. Progress is like an
attack of nocturnal despair, bursting the illusion
of opportunity. Man's only weapon is low-level
brain damage or perhaps to flee screaming from the
the destructive juggernauts of Economic Stimulus
and national vainglory.

In the dark gloom of cultural leprosy, forgotten
like the last remnant of a mechanical whore,
cowardice emerged from a crevice in craven
conformity. A callous and sick malignancy drags us
down into the unspeakable crimes of having fragile
mental skin, and thinking stubborn autumn

Outside of all this, incandescent with deepening
idiocy, stands the awful form of a hideous,
all-consuming death-fetish, bogged in this massive
swamp of false economic theories.

Economic reform is the discarded hamburger of
unconscious irony. Bite into its greasy, virulent
contagion of spiritual capitulation and feed your
demons of destruction.