Created: Sunday, 04 July 2004 Written by Flim Flam Man
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Kant proffered an opinion on all that mattered. The men who rule this world would be wise to listen to the words of wisdom from Konigsberg.... Firstly that the law is an ass. And a salt&pepper beard beats rimless glasses hands down.

You watching Johnny!!

Let me be the first to say that Xenox News throws its weight behind the free Saddam campaign.
I mean after all we were against the war. Or at least I was. And I fuckin run this joint dont I!
Release him. Make him Pres of Iraq again. And then lets fund him to finally smash the mad mullahs of Tehran.

Actually I'm more disappointed that this whole war is gunna dissipate into a crummy courtroom in Kuwait.
C'mon Osama stop sitting on your arse and generate some more juice! Lets see civil war in Saudi Arabia ya fuckin towel headed shit muncher!

scared shitless he is. By brave Aussie diggers who on their own won the Boer war, WW1, WW2 and the Korean War. And drank more piss and fucked more asian pussy in Vietnam than their limp dicked US allies. Now with our dog cuddling PM and his walk taking family we can drive terrorism from the Mid east.

Well thank fucking god for that.

BAck to KAnt. He frolicked on the lagoons of Prussia. In the woods of Bismarck. grabbed the trunk of the tree and shook it. "life, me lady, sodden and lost in a winter-prussian-land". Maybe thats what Saddass sees. Shake the tree and the Yankee blowhards will fall on their softasses. Afterall is it not a fact that Bremer is packing up his Iraqi cunt to live with him back in the US? Thats right. They invaded Iraq so they could plunder the womenfolk. And you thought it was Al Jazeera propaganda.

Im on a roll tonight; Im naming names. Totalling the losses. Lets be clear on one issue. I only speak the truth.

Straight from the cunt of god.