Thursday, 07 June 2007 By Pirate Tales of yore
The Cap’n always has his way. For when he was ripped from his mother’s belly the midwife held him up and swore:

“He has God’s Mighty Tossil.”

Now he uses it as part of his command. Treads the boards and gets the crew to obey. No one really objects for when you have God’s Mighty Tossil inside you there ain’t much you can do except wriggle and moan.

And, after all, the lads do like a bit of friggin’ in the riggin’.

Poor Green Haired Jim was down below when the Cap’n caught him. Made him drop his draws and bend over. Fucked his date till it was a mass of blood and cum.

Still he didn’t cry out much.

In fact he felt blessed; he had had God’s Mighty Tossil inside him.

Boned by God’s Mighty Tossil.
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