"I am just driving My Tractor into Amsterdam for a while"

Thursday, 07 July 2022 By Tom Titmouse

Freedom fighters or just plan old fuckwits? Or is it something more sinister perhaps. Translated from Dutch, the voices from the farmer convoys parading around that country:

"Just me and my mates going for a drive, that's all."

"We are going up there cause we have had a gutfull."

"Don't you jab tell me what to do!"


Dutch PM

Look at this guy. PM of Holland Mark McClogging. He looks a real go getter in the Dutch style. A no nonsense straight shooter, part of the North Atlantic coterie. Always standing up for what is right.

Dutch Tractor drivers

Some other Dutch Go-getters. Manure flinging fiends of the Holland variety.

I've been in this game a while. Seen all I thought that can be seen. But now it looks like the shit is slowly coming to the boil. Freedumb nutters are more numerous then we thought, and their hangers-on more devious. The arty farty left are ridiculing them but it is being too clever by half. Oh Arty Farty One where is your support? What streets do you own? The half-arsed Halls of Academia? Fuck all good that'll do ya!


machinery 20 20140424 1895459367

COVID-19. An artists representation.

This virus, this damn virus. Who or what ever laid it down really knew how to kick over the shit heap that is 'our civilisation'. The powers that be have given up and are happy for all of us to get infected, and at the same time they want to start wars with anyone that might evict them from their position on top of the Global Heap. Just look at new Aussie leader PM 'Squeaky' Albo; newly arrived into the top job and already mouthing the same insane platitudes about China as the previous idiot.


So good folk, get on your 'tractor' or what ever you got. Drive into Town and start flinging that manure... Even the Itais are doing it!






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