Tuesday, 07 November 2006 By Chato
The witless and senile national leader of
the third-world rubbish tip and pesthole
formerly know as Ostrichlia runs out of
control as his insane program becomes even
more corrupt than it already was.

But, who notices the sociopathic little freak?

Of course, the robopathic, biomechanoid drones
that run government and the media disinformation
system, go through the motions, oblivious to the
developing apocalypse that is about to overtake
them all. Stupid right to the end.

The breeding, subhuman retarded apes that infest
the maggot riddled lump of shit that they call
their nation, are still struggling to arrive at
their first coherent question about the strange
discord between their expectations and the
capacity of the planet to satisfy any of them.
They should save themselves the trouble and
effort of trying to ask that question, because
it's too bloody late!

Having neither the will, or the wits to understand
that they, and their failed system, run by their
gangster leaders, has run itself so far into the
sociological, financial and environmental red,
that it cannot function as a coherent system,
they still feel dull surprise when the whole
corrupt edifice slides into its own putrid ooze.

The nature of robopaths is to be guided by the
lowest level instincts when they are faced with
the consequences of their own contradictions.
So, expect a frenzy of futile breeding by these
doomed creatures, just before they become
extinct after eating the fruits of their own
incompetence, heartlessness and violence.

Turn on the tube, children, and let it suck
out the last dregs of grey-matter that it may
have not already sucked out.

Sleep my poor dullards. Sleep!
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