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Shooter's Party starts conspiring with the enemy

Created: Tuesday, 19 February 2008 Written by Ricardovitz (?)
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You used to be able to count on the Shooter's Party to be your loyal friend As foreshadowed in the previous newsletter, negotiations by The Shooters Party have resulted in the Police Jack-Boot David Campbell agreeing to extend the amnesty for the registration of pre-1900 multi-shot muzzle loading black powder lock pistols until December 2008. Many Australians believed that these "guns" didn't need to be registered because they are nothing more than antiques. Now, the Shooter's Party, instead of telling Jack-Boot Campbell to suck Kangaroo Kock with his gun amnesty and gun registration and gun bans, they worked a back-room dirty deal to sell out their constituancy.

The American NRA is appauled at another big sell-out to the Australian Jack-Booted gun banners. They are advocating that all Patriotic Americans reinstitute the "Lend-Lease" program for Australian Citizenry. This program woud create an underground railraod for the provision of arms to the Australian Nation, in light of gun bans which constitute a multitude of human rights violations.