Created: Friday, 15 June 2007 Written by Green Haired Jim
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The timbers creaked as this tub floated gently on the Sargasso Sea.

Most of the lads were down below, snoring off the remains of the night’s revelry. Only me and the Cap’n awake; he behind the wheel, me staring out at the dead dark sea.
I held the rail. And my head started to get weak. Next thing I knew the Cap’n was behind me. He took his cutlass and held it against my neck, his other hand started to unhitch me drawers.

They slid down my legs and fell in a neat pile.

“Spread ‘em Jim” Cap’n said.

My knees parted and my feet moved across the deck. Somewhere a dolphin splashed.

I heard the cap’n spit on his hands and then the rest is a blur…

Like a dream I always have. I was in Aladdin’s cave and big smoky fingers waved “Come here, come here.” I grabbed his balls and started rubbing. Soon a magical genie appeared and bathed me in a whitish glow. The sun froze still and we were granted all our wishes. Our devious desires. The cave was filled with the squeals of pirate lads brandishing their jolly rogers and ejaculating ectoplasm phantoms. Our peckers were like plinths of steel and we fucked all day long…

Back on deck the Cap’n had finished and had walked away.
The waves jostled next to the ship, I bent down and hitched me flags back up and went down below.

Time to have fun with the lads.