New Schapelle Corby Film Exposes The Media

Created: Thursday, 26 February 2009 Written by Unregistered Corresp
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A film has today been released in the United States which exposes many of the damaging myths surrounding the Schapelle Corby case. The film, "Schapelle Corby - Myths Busted" uses  actual case footage to demonstrate the truth behind a series of media fuelled smears which have caused so much suffering and untold damage to her welfare. 

The video was made by independent producer, Leann Hoelscher, in California. It presents actual legal artifacts, such as police certificates, which are used for example to debunk the particularly  nasty smear that her family were involved in crime. 

Rach James of the Schapelle.Net web portal told XenoxNews that: "Whereas the British film, 'Burying the Truth - Burying Schapelle Corby', exposes the generic process used by the Australian media to undermine Ms Corby, this film demonstrates specific smears generated as part of that overall process. It is a superb film: outstanding investigative reporting, and a truly top notch production"

European film critic, Jan Fielding, added: "This film has 5 star quality written all over it. It is insightful and brilliantly put together by a clearly talented producer. I have no doubt that it will fly across the internet both now and for years to come, and rightly so."

Ms James, however, expects censorship by the Australian media to continue: "In December we saw the first ever global protest for an Australian in the entire history of the nation. It  was even accompanied by a groundbreaking video which showed some of it. The Australian in question was Schapelle Corby. But the Australian people do not even realize it actually happened!

It was  hidden. There was not a single reference to it in any mainstream organ: not o­ne. It was a significant event in Australian history, but it was not reported, despite every media outlet  being informed multiple times. Quite simply, damaging smears and tittle-tattle are all over the media, but every positive hard news story is blocked and has been for years."

Most recently the same fate awaited an international report, which evidenced corruption, as well as shocking complicity at the highest levels of government. Australian journalists are simply not prepared to either investigate or report the truth."

She continued "The Oz media have transformed a shocking story of human rights abuse and barbaric political sentencing into a smear fuelled soap opera. At the same time they have never  confronted the Australian government for selling Schapelle Corby's human rights to maintain its strategic political relationship with Indonesia. They are complicit in the process of  terrible abuse and human suffering."

"This film though demonstrates that increasing numbers of people from outside Australia are becoming aware of this: they have not been blinded by the media and can view events objectively and as a whole. It is an outstanding portrayal of the actual events themselves.

Every Australian who has been seduced by the media should watch it repeatedly, and understand how their opinion has been managed, and how an innocent has been left to suffer such cruelty".


The whole video can be viewed directly o­n the following webpage: