Friday, 21 October 2011 By Free Country Watch

For decades the Melbourne City Council and Victorian State Government have poured millions of dollars into the City Square.

The money invested was always touted as meeting a goal of "invigorating" the City Square, to make it a people friendly area; a square for the people.

Despite the millions spent no-one ever wanted to go there.

Again we would see another bout of money spent, add a water feature, remove a water feature, let's re-invigorate the square for all Melbournians.

Still, no-one would go there.

Finally, last week, some people turned up, with the agenda of discussing how to improve democracy, and to raise awareness about the effects of corruption in western democracies.

So when the people finally arrived and started to make use of the 'square for the people' the Mayor and Premier organised the riot squad to arrive en masse to evict and arrest the peaceful occupiers.

Melbournians were maced, dragged along the ground by their hair and trampled with horses.

Watch video: http://video.heraldsun.com.au/2157468584/Occupy-Melbourne-protest-chaos


The extreme violence against the everyday citizen witnessed today is certain to change the dynamic of #OccupyMelbourne

Its now 5 hours after the initial police attack on the citizens and as we speak the square protestors are now dispersed in the streets, Swanston Street is closed as police confront groups of citizens, their numbers rapidly increasing.

Many Melbournians have ignored the protest up until today but the actions of the police this morning will certainly have awoken the passion of many thousands of civil libertarians and those who stand for freedom of speech.

Tomorrow is Saturday and it is a good bet that the numbers at #OccupyMelbourne will be massive. The violent actions by the police today are certain to not only snowball this occupation but will achieve the MCC's long term goal of trying to attract people to the square. Thousands are already clamouring to get there!

The Xenox News team will be there reporting live from the scene.

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