Friday, 10 September 2021 By Max Gross

It’s here. It’s in my home town on the dozey Far South Coast of New South Wales.

Two Covid-19 cases have been identified right here in XXXXXXX. Among the eight exposure sites between YYYY and ZZZZ are the ones I always expected to make the list: the local Woolworths and the Medical Centre I normally go to. Luckily, I have scarcely set foot outside in two months.

Across the state, NSW reported 1,405 new COVID-19 cases and five more deaths. In the same breath the incompetent state treasurer, Dom Perrrottet whose greatest claim to infamy is the icare insurance scandal said “there is a bright future ahead.”

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Dom from Information Disposal

Obviously not for those who have died and their families, or those in ICU and on ventilators kept alive by embattled health care workers. And if you have ever seen a photo of Perrottet, you would naturally assume, yeah, he is a self-important dickhead. Mediocrities thrive in Australia’s largest Right Wing neo-con political party. Gladys and her fellow kleptocrats in the ruling (I refuse to describe it as “governing”) LNP still plan to “open” next month, regardless of the rising number of coronavirus deaths and cases.

The Guardian Australia reported: “NSW was currently at 42.5% of our population fully vaccinated and the premier has said previously that the state would reach 70% double dose in the first or second week of October.” But, as Anne Davies wrote today, “The number of people in intensive care, or dying, will continue to rise in October, as already infected people struggle, or fail, to beat Covid.”

ABC News online reported: “Victoria has recorded 324 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 as doctors call for more Pfizer doses to be urgently allocated in Melbourne’s north… In an open letter, GPs, community leaders and pharmacists from Melbourne’s north called on the federal and state governments to bring more Pfizer doses into the region to prevent an unsustainable surge in hospitalisations.”

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Scotty from Obscurantism

So 19 months into this pandemic vaccine supply remains problematic. And there is just one reason for that: Scott Morrison, Australia’s conceited and lackadaisical Prime Minister. For motives of purely political survival, he has even favoured his besieged Gladys above struggling neighbouring states like Victoria where the premier there, Dan Andrews, gave Scotty the Smirk a major serve of fuckyouasshole!

“I signed up to the national plan to vaccinate our nation, not a national plan to vaccinate Sydney,” Andrews seethed, and quite justifiably.

As we have come to expect from this duplicitous charlatan, PM Morrison was caught shoveling “extra vaccines “under the table” to his co-conspirator Glady B that were not made available to others. We are obviously NOT all in this together, as Morrison has demonstrated from the outset.

Australia has fully vaccinated less than 40 per cent of its over-16 population while more than 64 per cent have received a single dose.

Let Anne Davies have the final word: “have no doubt: NSW cases will go up. The NSW government is just hoping that the epidemic among the unvaccinated, who will not be protected from potential severe disease, will be slow coming.”

Do not remove your seat belts until the red light goes off, folks!

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