Rebooting the Kruddster

Monday, 01 July 2013 By EyeOnOz

What Chance Kev to win Oz Election 2013?

Like Lazarus with a triple bypass Kevin Rudd is back as Aussie PM!


rudd in singapore

Crowds flock to hear new Aussie PM Kevin Rudd

And with his return to The Lodge came an immediate boost for the ALP, with their poll numbers climbing out of the gutter to almost parity with the Lib/NP opposition.

So the question on everyone's lips is what does ‘Kev13’ need to do to beat rabid Opus Dei follower Tony Abbott in the forthcoming election?


 Opposition Leader Tony Abbott "I pray to Jesus every night."


Standard Oz political pundit wisdom says that Kev has to convince the Dazzas and Shazzas of Western Sydney to win.

boat people

Can Kruddy stem the flow and win the bogan vote at election time?

But surely there is more that PM Kruddy will need to do to win this election. What about those other vital issues facing Australia? What will he do about Internet privacy? Will he get Australia's nose out of the American arse?


Will he get the GST off tissues? believes it will be his actions on these issues that will determine whether this maverick from QLD deserves to get another 3 years as PM. And you can bet will be on his red freckled arse to make sure that he faces up to these issues and let's Australia know what he will do about them!


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