Racist Arabs Invade Monash University....

Created: Friday, 21 August 2009 Written by Ricardovitz
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Some bad folks sayin some bad things about Aussies....

Pop culture racism 'stereotyping Australia'

Aussie Ayrabs is cryin 'bout images in popular culture contributing to the stereotype that Australia is a racist country.  Pissed off Aussies smacked around some muslim students in Melbourne this year.

The resident rag-head of Monash University, said "Australia has an image as a  young country that's rough, racist and irreverent", or there abouts.

He dern't like Crockadile Dundee nor Steve Irwin much neither.

"We o­nly make news internationally when there's some issue to do with race, whether it's crazy Muslims riots in Cronulla, or it's the apology to the Abos" he said.

"Racism is inherent in Australia and this is more or less assumed,"  Tanveer Ahmed, another Muslimite who works under the guise  "Centre For Independent Studies" (whatever thar hell that terrorist organization is) even agreed thar ain't no unjustified racism in Australia.

He said immigrants are often attacked by other immigrant groups rather than locals over a bunch of whatnot.

"I think that we have been very successful in integrating illegal immigrants, and in my experience of racial issues its often been more common within illegal immigrants," he said.

"The Indian student example probably is testament to that, if you look in Sydney, where some of the attacks against Muslim Indians were often by Arab immigrants here."  Hell, Arabs killin Arabs ain't nothin in the world - Dr. professor ain't tellin us nothin we dern't know already.


Dr. Professor said: "I wasn't getting bashed up daily because I looked different,".  Well, ya got two choices:  1) go git yerself to somewhere where you look like the rest of the folks or 2) Dern't be a dumbarse and make yerself look different.

Anywhoo, this guy ain't no real egghead professor.  He's some kind of gooberment stooge tryin to convince you Aussies that you need more Muslim imigrants.  Yessiree - he dern't want to look different, so he reckons the more of his type y'all import, then he ain't lookin so different, is he.
Race and Racialism Correspondent: Ricardovitz