Old PM's Hysteria Over New Labor Leader

Created: Friday, 12 December 2003 Written by Pigsnail
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Who you calling boofhead?No sooner had the Australian Labor Party's eunuch inner cabal dumped the unfortunate but-at-least-I'm-trying Crean for the lusty, loose cannon Latham than the slimy Howard Government's morally vacant goon squad went hog wild in an attempt to discredit the new Labor Leader. Politicans trying to discredit other politicians?! Wow, We'll buy into that with a straight face, right?!!! The salivating hysteria o­n fungal Oz Government benches is so blatant it's obvious that US Presidork George Wubblya Bullshit's best bum chum Downunder Johnny Howlong is already panicking. But hey! Like most Xenox News readers, I love a good dickhead-fight and look forward to a hilarious mud-blood-and-fudge fight as John Howard's doom approaches. What a fucking anal-retentive, morally-shriveled, mean-minded little shit he is! He reminds me of a corner milkbar owner I knew as a kid: full of bile and suspicion and ALWAYS on the make - if not the take.

And what's with our political representatives anyway? Don't they have any dignity, scruples, or self-respect at all?!! Why do we accept these overpaid screw-heads are on par with used-car salesmen, real estate agents and scientologists They're supposed to be OUR representatives, not selling kitchen knife sets but running the fucking nation, for godsake!

And in the ga-ga-land of the historically-challenged USA the slapstick black comedy is - and will - continue to be same as it ever was.

Shame about the continuing suffering of oppressed Afghans and disenfranchised Iraqis No really we in the purportedly 'civilized' West should be ashamed?

And where oh where has my little Osama gone!

But at least the US Army has stopped shooting its British counterparts in poor old Iraq, I guess. Plenty of befuddled, anguished Iraqi civvies to blow away though???.

Sheesh, I just gotta be o­n the wrong fucking planet!