Hegemony in South Parap

Saturday, 27 November 2004 By Pervis
In the words of roaming Xenox News journo Invercargil Reefer "It ain't what you put on the stick, its how you marinate it". Apartheid has once again reared its pretty face in our backyard.

The pantheon of excuses have run their course once again in the homeland; and yet again it is beyond elucidation. Paratrooper Adam O'Brien (previously of Braxton County, Virginia USA) has emerged as a curious anti-hero in the wilderness of dreams.

As an active member of the local Salvation Army Adam has put himself in the crossfire of the local 1.8 million population of barramundi lovers.

Discussing local indigenous issues at a recent Probus meeting Adam happened to mention his distaste for sauteed boab with barramundi and crayfish mornay.

As tension built in the conference, threatening to blow out beyond the control of Vic (the local Masonic hall manager) Margaret Moore stood up on her chair and declared that with the time the club had recently spent on 'studying the humans without understanding them very well.' time would be better spent with discussing the local bishops use of the table tennis centre and that if the tone persisted all hell would be to pay for.

"We'd understand them better if we shared their experience.' Ms Moore cried.

After all hell broke loose at the meeting Mrs. Campbell and Ms. Moore have claimed that they were inappropriatly questioned by Vicar Smith and now intend to press charges against the club for anti-Iranian discrimination.

The Parap Probus Club has at this stage refused to answer the phone.

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