Friday, 11 February 2005 By monsveneris
Once again Australia's morally bankrupt Federal Government sprays the media with lies, deceits and distortions.

This time it is claiming that the nation's jobless rate is at an historic low, with current figures indicating 5.1 per cent unemployment.

Peak welfare groups know from first-hand experience that these statistics are fraudulent and do not reflect the true rate of unemployment in the community.

And as we all know, truth is not something the Howard Government is keen on.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence says unemployment is more than double the official rate. The Brotherhood's Professor Paul Smythe, regards the Governent's figures questionable.

"We do think they are rubbery because they leave out the people who are working part-time and they would like to have more work, and they leave out those who have given up finding a job," he said.

The Howard Government would choke on the truth. At least that's what those of us living in the real world are all hoping for.
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