Thursday, 20 January 2005 By Patriot
An Al Qaeda suicide bomber attacked the Australian embassy in Baghdad yesterday. In an attack on the freedom and democracy that Australia along with its Coalition allies are bringing to Iraq it failed to significantly damage the building. It did however kill 2 innocent Iraqi civilians.
This is why Australia and the Coalition of the willing are in Iraq. They know that Osama and his minions are trying to stop the liberation of Iraq as a way to destabilise support in the west for the war on terror.

And of course with the opinions of the terrorist-loving lefties of the west like Mike Moore and that anti-American Max Gross it seems Osama thinks he can win this war.

But as determined aussie Foreign Minister Downer said: Aussies and other freedom loving peoples will not bow to terror!
If only those terrorist appeasers in the west would wake up and support the fight then this war would be easier to win.

God Bless!

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