Created: Wednesday, 25 May 2005 Written by Chato
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Pillar of decency and volunteer
worker speaks out in support of
his political mate. "Now that we have dealt with the
cheats in our free society, I and
my mate, the Prime Morbidity,
feel much more decent than those
awful low class welfare people!"

Pouted radio talk-show host,
Atlas Moans, the Nasty Party
mouthpiece and very special
friend of the P.M.

"I only wish the bludgers in our
midst could follow my example of
selfless work. For instance, the
countless hours that I've given
inspecting public toilets around
the world, the tremendous effort
of plagiarising the editorials of
obscure journalists, the sneaky
promos that break the Ostrichlian
broadcasting regulations, the
political dirty work I have been
glad to do for my mates, the
hatchet job I have done on the
poorest people in the country and
much more."

as a glow of indignant self
righteousness radiated from his
fat well-fed face, the demagogue
continued his spew-making
self-exoneration -

"As well as providing comfort for
the nongs and breakfast
alcoholics, I have always been
prepared to promote the winners
in this system, and have been
ready to use my tongue in their
service at every chance, and you
bludgers are just envious of my