Another Liberal Carcass

Created: Tuesday, 03 December 2002 Written by Max Gross
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The Victorian Libs are history, crows raving reporter Max Gross

In 1992 Victorian state Elections, the conservative Coalition Parties under the heel of Der Jeff scored a historic victory with a first preference vote of 52 per cent.

In 1996, winning again, with a primary vote of just 50.7%, Der Jeff crowed it was 'probably the most profound electoral result in any state or federally in this country in the last 50 years'.

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In 1999, the first preference vote for Der Jeff's dictatorship dropped to 42.2 per cent and the Mouth from the South was history.

Later, beyond blue but still full of bile and bullshit, he couldn't even make it as a talkback host as his radio ratings plummeted and he walked-out in a typical huff. Or was that a minute and a huff?

Ah, the great wheel of history!

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No point in the anti-liberal Liberals complaining that poor innocent little babe-in-the-woods Robert Doyle had only just taken on the anti-liberal Liberal leadership hot seat and hadn't had time to make his mark. In 1999, it was: Steve WHO?

Der Jeff was strutting round, chewing gum AND kicking arse (or ass), gagging his own ministers, dacking journos, kneeing opponents in the balls, shirt-fronting any who dared question his omniscient dictatorial wisdom. All polls pointed towards another huge loss of democratic principle and another huge win for Kennett.

Remember the 'Jeff f....... rules, OK!' adverts?

Well, as of 30 November 2002, not only Der Jeff but also his mindless drones in the anti-liberal Liberal Party are f'ed, OK!

Back in 1999 another Jeff, the now defunct Liberal, MLA for Mordialloc, Geoff Leigh, described the Bracks Labor victory as 'one of the great accidents of history'. This time round - snorting and spitting and bleeding from the ears - the only one-liner the arrogant has-been could come up with was the highly original 'I'll be back'.

As what, Geoff, a squashed cyborg?

In 1999 Der Jeff deserved to lose. This time, Steve Bracks deserved to win. And this time without an obstructionist, bloody-minded Upper House controlled by the 'born-to-rule' ratbags in the anti-liberal Liberal Party.

To all you ranting, hyperventilating conservatives predicting the end of civilization as we know it, I say: it's called a mandate, stoopid!

Then again, Der Jeff's mongoloid horde never did care much for Democracy.

This was Max Gross for Xenox News: open, accountable and democratic, cracking open another cold one. Cheers, Victoria!

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