Thursday, 11 May 2006 By Patriot
Iran’s firebrand leader Madmanahmed is on a whirlwind tour of the Muslim nations of South East Asia. He is trying to drum up support for Iran’s dangerous and illicit nuclear program. It seems he may have found a friend now that Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has stated he is willing to act as a mediator in this nuclear tussle of Iran with the civilised world.
While at this stage more international action on the Iranian dictatorships plans to make atom bombs is of use, SBY should be under no illusions that Madmanahmed is a dangerous loose canon. The Iranians President’s loose grip on reality and hatred of western liberal democracy has become all too clear with the release of his meandering and illogical letter to President Bush. In it, the former Tehran street sweeper restates his questioning of the Holocaust and his hatred of Israel, as well as offering some vague stabs at 9/11 conspiracy theories so beloved of the loony left. In fact reading this letter should be enough for any rational observer to conclude that nuclear technology should not be in the hands of a regime guided by this man.

Do you trust this man with nuclear weapons????

SBY needs to remember that Iran has long been a major financier, facilitator, and supporter of international terrorism. Terrorism that has killed hundreds of his own people. The Mad Mullahs theocracy has stifled and oppressed their subjects for decades, and there is overwhelming evidence they are behind a major proportion of the anti-democratic violence in Iraq. Yes we do need to exhaust all diplomatic options on the Iranian nuclear issue. But there is a bottom line that cannot be changed: there is no way we can allow the current regime in Tehran to have the technology or knowledge to enable them to build nuclear weapons.

It is good to see that the Australian government led by that stalwart fighter for freedom John Howard has a close and strong relationship with Jakarta. I am sure he will convey to SBY that any direct dealings with the Tehran dictatorship are fraught with danger. As both Australia and Indonesia live under the scourge of Islamofascist terrorism they need to stick together in this fight against evil. It is definitely not the time to backdown and allow any concessions to these fanatics.

God bless,

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