Friday, 09 March 2007 By Flatuu from Klatuu

Inspired by a quote.


Mother told me to get out of bed,
so i did.
And glided out of my bedroom door with my belly a ballast of methane
and my room it did smell very clean.

Because, my farts I kept within.

Sat in class, on my arse, and no smell came from me.
The other belching brutes kicked and farted a storm but to me,
my teacher was nice and warm and she said:
"Come to my office after school for you did not pollute the room."

And so it was that the home bell went, and I toddled off to my teacher's room.
It was dark in the gloom but she whispered and said:
"Take your pants off I want to give you head."

Well she sucked and sucked and it felt rather nice,
but suddenly a feeling gripped my bowels which I could stop with no trick or device.
My belly it bubbled and popped and then my pecker started to throb;
and so it was that when I came all the gas I had kept within also came too...
and I did a big chocolatey mess on her chair.
She wasn't pleased, that you can believe and I was expelled the next day.

SO it is a true lesson of life that you shouldn't be ashamed of your smell.
Let your farts come out wherever and whenever and your life will be free as well.

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