Out of the Frying Pan and Through the Looking Glass

Wednesday, 28 May 2003 By Max Gross

British Prime Poodle Tony Blah is to be brought before the new International Criminal Court on war crimes charges arising from the illegal and unjustified US/UK invasion of Iraq.

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The Athens Bar Association has accused PM Blah and his foreign sickretary Jack Strawl for crimes against humanity, war crimes, violations of international law, human rights and various treaties.

The Blah government, which supported the establishment of the ICC, dismissed the lawyers; claims and insisted it had acted in accordance with international law in attacking Iraq without provocation, destroying Iraqi social and economic infrastructure, and terrorising, maiming and murdering some 7000 Iraqi men, women and children.

The Greek lawyers have excluded the United Snakes of America which has snubbed both the ICCs formation and the courts jurisdiction over Americans.

As we all know, the USA is above the law, and has more chemical, biological and nuclear WOMD that all the tin-pot dictators of the world rolled into one.

And that makes it untouchable.

Oh, um, unless of course you happen to be a suicidal fanatic willing to crash a Boeing into a skyscraper.

Thanks Yanks, youve pushed us out of the frying pan and into the fire.

And now, a timely verbal enema for the venal goons in the Oval Orifice: http://www.democracynow.org/transcripts/gorevidal.shtml

This was Max Gross for xenoxnews.com, signing off, pissed off and just plain old fucking pissed!

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