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The previous century was the bloodiest known to man.

Two World Wars nearly destroyed civilization.

Who were the propagaters of the demonic seeds of destruction back then?

Freidrich Heilscher: Demon meister who led the Order of the Divine Divinity of Nuremburg in the 1920s. A slight bespectacled man, he oversaw the uncovering of the secret rituals of the 'Illuminus de Esperonto de La Vida' an ancient text of demonic worship.

Hans Lodz: Diminutive peasant of the Austrian foothills. Had concocted devious potions that could lead users to unmask our 'normal' reality such that the supra-reality could be absorbed. Said to have urinated in the Danube daily, his mystical meanderings led directly to the perfidious overthrow of the Jewish masters of the Berlin Lodge of the Freemasons.

Ernst Pretzsche: Unshaven hack who ran a mystical bookstore in the red light district of Vienna. Pimp, pevert, and poofter, he devoted his life to the overthrow of the Catholic moral order of the turn of the century Austrian capital. Known to have bared his bottom at Emperor Franz Joseph he was on the list of every European governments secret police group as an avowed Satanist and poo-jabber.

Eva Keiler: Whip cracking mistress of Munich. Said to have pounded the arses of every leading political figure in post WW1 Munich in an orgy of sado-masochism and self-flagellation that gripped the Bavarian city then. In secret occult ceremonies she spouted enough ectoplasm from her fanny to cover the floor in a gooey mess. Photographed by Helmut Newton in her later days.

Fred Nietchze: Intellect behind this select group of Satan worshippers. With his twisted logic he made good evil and evil good. Damned Christianity as the religion of the slaves yet was known to bend over for Mecca three times a day. Perhaps that's where he got his syphilis from?

Albrecht Househofer: Aristocratic, handsome, and a terror with the ladies, Househofer offered an unusual combination of Central European royalty and rat-peasant cunning. Brought up in a stable, this illegitimate son of a Slovakian prince wandered thru Germany like some later day Pied Piper summoning up demon worshippers with a toot of his flute.

These people led the world to the brink of destruction. What are their demonic offspring up to now? Keep reading Xenox News to find out as we explore the Satanic machinations of world politics in an ongoing series of Articles.
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