Israel’s “war” on Gaza is spreading

Sunday, 04 February 2024 By Max Gross

Rogue state Israel’s major sponsor and accomplice in war crimes, the USA, has bombed multiple sites in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, claiming it is targeting Iranian proxy groups who have been targeting US and Israeli sites because of Israel’s ongoing slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

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The Iraqi Government has angrily protested the strikes, but the US claims it gave them prior warning. Iraq says the US is lying. Well, of course it is! The Iraqis say 16 people, including civilians, were killed in this ‘new US aggression,’ and twenty five people were injured. Yahya Rasul, spokesman for the Iraqi armed forces, has warned that the US attacks will have “disastrous repercussions.”

The Brits too are bombing Yemen and Syria.

The Guardian online reports that the ‘US and UK-led’ (Led? Who else is bombing?) strikes blew up 36 Houthi targets across 13 locations in Yemen and ‘The US also launched more than 85 strikes in Iraq and Syria against targets linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.’

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The US has declared that it will oppose a new UN Security Council resolution proposed by Algeria that again includes an unequivocal call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Well, of course it will. It always feckin’ does!

US lackey Australia continues on its mealy-mouthed way, tip-toeing through the minefield, not daring to raise its voice. ‘The prime minister, Anthony Albanese, has flagged that Australia recognising a Palestinian state could rest on it being “demilitarised”. Albanese on Sunday dodged questions regarding when Australia could resume funding to the United Nations agency delivering aid in Gaza, while stating the international community should focus on what happens after the war in the Middle East… Earlier on Sunday, Australia again supported US and UK-led strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen.’

Adding to the increasingly loud sword-rattling, another Guardian report is headlined ‘US military stockpiling supplies in Australia in readiness for any confrontation with China. American war planners used joint Talisman Sabre exercises to position equipment in Northern Victoria.’

What could possibly go wrong!?


Meanwhile, disgraced former prime minister and deranged Pentecostal preacher Sloth Morrison has announced he will be “retiring” from politics at the end of February. At long, bloody last!

According to The Guardian online, the Liar from the Shire ‘intends to join a series of global strategic advisory roles and private boards, focused on the US and the Indo-Pacific, in sectors including defence and funding of defence startups,’ mostly in – where else! – the USA. Apparently American Global Strategies, a right wing organisation founded by a bunch of former Trump administration minions, has announced that Scummo is joining the firm as non-executive Vice Chairman, whatever that is.

lnp morrison sinister

The reported it this way: ‘After 16 years in Parliament, Scott Morrison will work for a former Trump advisor in his next role. Morrison announced his retirement from politics yesterday. His new role is with an international consulting firm best known for its work in the defence sector. American Global Strategies (AGS) is led by founder Robert O’Brien, who was the National Security Adviser for U.S. President Donald Trump from 2019 to 2021. Morrison will reportedly also join Mike Pompeo – former Trump Secretary of State – at a U.S.-based, Australian-founded venture capital firm.’ So Scummo is to be a lobbyist for the US arms industry!

And proving you can take the scum out of Parliament but not out of religion, Pentecostal preacher ‘Morrison is due to release a memoir in May called Plans for Your Good – A Prime Minister’s Testimony of God’s Faithfulness,’ for fuck sake! No doubt that bullshit was ghost-written for the smirking megalomaniac. May he do to the US arms industry what he did to Australia.

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