Monday, 06 December 2004 By Harry Bismarck Jr
As the election crisis unfolds in the Ukraine it is useful to reflect on the history behind the formation of this country.
It all goes back to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of 1939 where a deal was done to split Poland in two. Of course there were other territorial matters settled with this treaty: Stalin got the Baltic states and agreed with Hitler that they would not invade each other. Unfortunately for Germany, Adolf decided to break with this treaty and attack Russia, though some have claimed he did it as a pre-emptive strike to block Stalin's attempts to crush the Third Reich. Whatever the truth maybe, Stalin did crush the Third Reich and he took great swaths of Polish and German land as his booty. And it was here that the nucleus of the current Ukraine problem began.

You see Uncle Joe was a greedy fellow and he wanted to keep the half of Poland he conquered in cahoots with Hitler in 1939. To do this he simply re-labelled this new Russian territory as West Ukraine. But the people here did not forget their Polish heritage and so when the USSR crumbled in the 1990s and the Ukraine become an independent state, their own independence hopes were rekindled. And so now we see in this current electoral crisis it is those in the former Polish territories who want the new leader Yemochunko elected as leader. And we in the west are now backing him as there was obviously electoral fraud in the last vote.

But what about the other peoples of Eastern Europe who had their homelands stolen by that Georgian maniac Stalin? The people of Pomerania and Silesia. The proud volk of Konigsberg and Danzig. Why can’t they have their country back?

Why can’t they be German again?

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, I say. The new unified Germany is crowded, some say overrun, with immigrants and freeloaders from all over the world. But the original Germans aren’t allowed back as part of the Homeland. Well now is the time for Germany to say no more. We aren’t going to be the whipping boy of Europe any longer. Everyone else has taken back their homelands, so let’s get ours back.

Why cannot the new Germany have space to grow, some living room?

Is there some international cabal preventing the rise of Germany again????

Rise, Germany, rise! And take your rightful place as an equal among the nations of the world!

Harry Bismarck Jr
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