Wednesday, 03 April 2002 By Max Gross

''I believe the American government is lying... No plane crashed into the Pentagon,'' says Thierry Meyssan, president of Reseau Voltaire, a respected left-wing fish tank.

Well, I can't argue with the first statement, but the second claim needs a second glance.
Picture PreviewMonsieur Meyssan reckons the plane that crashed into the Pentagon never existed and that that particular September 11 event is just agitprop orchestrated by that faultless pillar of truth, self-sacrifice and virtue, the Yank federal government.

Thierry Meyssan's book - "The Frightening Fraud'' - is topping the French best-seller lists.

Meyssan says the Pentagon damage was staged by the Bush government.

Well, I wasn't the only one who first thought the televised video footage of planes striking the World Trade Centre in New York were out-takes from a new Schwartzenegger movie.

Meyssan does not offer an alternative theory for what may have blasted the Pentagon but I have one.

It was just a matter of time before the accumulation of bullshit in that place became too much. In which case I reckon we can expect the White House to erupt next!

According to Meyssan, evidence exposes contradictory witness accounts, few photographs of the crash exist, and that existing pics show no plane debris.

He questions why the facade of the Pentagon did not immediately collapse from the shock of the impact. He also questions the fate of the passengers on the flight.

Kidnapped by UFOs perhaps? or maybe being held as suspects at Guantanamo Bay?

Daily broadsheet Le Monde tackled Meyssan's evidence, questioning victims' relatives and quizzing officials.

While dismissing Meyssan's theory as wafer-thin as a complimentary after-dinner mint, Le Monde nonetheless admitted that the available info just didn't gel.

''There is no official account of the crash ... the lack of information is feeding the rumor.''

The truth is out there. And it ain't coming out until everyone packs up their bricks, bats and cluster bombs and goes home.

This WAS Max Gross, and Xenox News REALLY DOES exist.
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