University of Toronto fraud

Thursday, 10 June 2004 By Michael Pyshnov
Please, see my web site "University of Toronto fraud" at
If this site is banned on your Internet server, see it as
Cached on Google query "University of Toronto fraud"
Not a single word about this unprecedented crime was
allowed to become known to public for 10 years.
I make now my last attempts to restore the Rule of Law
and to stop the war against me.
Please, help me, as much as you can, to make my site, the
documents, etc. known to public. I can not stand it
anymore. I dare think that others, although dependent on
jobs and the prerequisite for the jobs - adherence to
party line as never before in history, might also think
that this fraud must end. Send emails everywhere - make
it known.

Michael Pyshnov.

4 Dromore cres.
North York, Ontario,
M2R 2H5
Phone 416 733 8936
Unfortunately, I can not consider my email or phone
safe from interference. Even phone calls can be
"redirected" to another number.
I have difficulties with posting on discussion boards,
forums - my ISP does not allow these pages to load on my
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