Julian Assange - Your time is up!

Thursday, 16 August 2012 By Patriot

Accused sexual predator Julian Assange fled to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London last June to hide from questions about his sexual assault on two women in Sweeden. Seeking to cloak himself in the anti-Americanism garb so beloved by the latte sipping left, Assange and his rag tag bag of followers have claimed that he could be extradited from Sweeden to the US if he was sent there for questioning by the UK.


Well it seems that PM Cameron’s Government has had enough of this nonsense and is now preparing to arrest Assange for avoiding his legal obligation to go to Sweeden. Besides his perverted sexual proclivities, Assange is well known for publishing State Secrets of the US and other friendly nations. These are all illegal actions that demand a heavy handed response; and Britain and the US are well within their rights to punish him. So far they have been reasonable but if Assange, or any clapped out leftie nation like Ecuador, try to stand in their way they should be warned that they too will be punished.


Assange as seen by his Moonbat Leftie Supporters.


For too long the Governments of the West have tolerated terrorist sympathizers in our midst like Assange and his oddball collective Wikileaks. These clowns need to know that we are at war; and any support given to our enemies will receive a swift and just punishment.

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