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Sunday, 12 May 2024

Foxy Boxy. He's the man that never lets you down. A straight talking fella, with eyes likes diamonds and a soul of steel. So if you got a problem #AskBoxhead. Just click on the link and you will get the solution you need.


There ain't much he don't know.


Today we have a question from Olly about the likely next President of the USA, Donald Trump...


Dear Mr Head,

May I address you as Box?

Riddle me this: why is that creepy old fat pussy-grabbing asshole such a cunt?


Oliver Fugue

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Dear Olly,

No, you may not.

Have to say Olly I don't have too much time for the meanderings of Idiot Land politics. Far as I can tell not much changes, whoever has their fat arse in the Oval Office. So don't really know or care if Trump is a cunt, or Genociding Joe is a prick.

What I do know Olly is that once you have that box on your head, your cares and woes about the outside world disappear quick. The reassuring smell of the cardboard, the comfort of the darkness, and the easy gaze out into the ether. That is what you get when you pop a box on your head. Perhaps you could give it a try and you wouldn't be so uptight about the world?





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