#ASKBOXHEAD# The world is a violent place

Monday, 25 July 2011


The world seems so angry now. People shot in Norway, Texas, and Spain. And now Amy Winehouse is dead.

Why, oh why, is it so?


Confused, Rooty Hill


Dear Confused,

May I join you in shaking your head at all the craziness now. Except you can’t see me shaking my noggin as it is encased in a box. Maybe if more people stuck their head in a box we wouldn’t have this trouble. If that Norway nutter had his head in a box he wouldn’t have been so angry; I know because all is serene and peaceful inside my box. In fact I’m oblivious to anything in here.

Except all your damn questions. Always bothering me with your stupid inanities and witless inquiries. Can’t you lot think for your fucking selves?

Christ all mighty!

It’s enough to make a man grab a gun and go out and clean up this stinking world. Take out the trash so to speak...

Hmmm. Relax. All is quiet and peaceful in the Box today.

So piss off and stop bothering me.




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