#AskBoxhead - Toorak Tim Say He Dern't Know Ya, Box Boy....

Saturday, 01 June 2024

That Legend of the Wires, Mr Boxhead.

The Cardboard Headed Man of the Internet is back again with another enlightening retort to one of our readership. Today it is his old sparring partner, and known incest lover, Ricardovitz who has served up a question for him...

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Dear Boxy,

Now, how can a feller like Toorak Tim wonder onta this here world news outlit 'n not know Box Boy. I tell 'im you is a snotty li'll feller who live way up high in a box in them clouds. Ounce apon a time ya did good deeds fer poor fellas 'n sick sheilas - giv'n em advice 'n whatnot. But, ya git all uppity when ya done sold out to THE MAN and gone all corperate on us. War'n a neck-noose 'n sport'n a fancy suit, but I let ya tell 'ol Timmy 'bout yer time livin' in a box. Cuz, he say he dern't know nothin 'bout that!!!



Dear Ricky,

The lies and slander are getting a bit too much from you. You know, as does everyone else who reads Xenoxnews.com, that I am a straight up fella with no pretensions. I have been here for nigh on 13 years with nothing but the truth and good vibes for the readership. No selling out here Hillbilly; I am loyal to the working class and always fighting the good fight.


Now if Timmy has not heard of me I ain't surprised, seeing he comes from the atas side of town. I don't hang out there. He won't see me walking down Toorak Rd with my Cardboard top on. Not the place I hang out Ricky. But if he has wandered into Xenoxnews.com on his internet meanderings he is welcome, as much as anyone else is. All he needs to know is this Man in the Box tells it as it is.

Always have. Always will.




ps Dear Ed, Ricky is hardly a sparring partner for me. It would be like Ali sparring with Calimero if it was the case!

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