Weapons of Mass Distraction

Created: Friday, 22 November 2002 Written by max
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In this repugnant, Orwellian 'war on terror' the stench of bullshit is reaching megadeath proportions. Just in case you've nodded off watching our mendacious mini-me PM mimicking every move of the Pretzel Prez in Washingtoon, let's all repeat one more (last?!) time: this war is about oil, NOT about disarmament.

If Saddass Hussein has 'weapons of mass destruction', he can 'fess up and hand 'em over to the Sheriff's posse. But if he DOESN'T have WOMD, he's in even deeper shit!

How's old Saddass going to prove a negative to a belligerent, oil-hungry white collar crim like L'il Dubya who has repeated ad infinitum that he won't take Hussein's word for it? Not only that, but Bush Jr and his minders have been dumping on Hans Blix and the UN weapons inspectors even before they got off the ground (One hopes that this time there are no US spies in the team to sabotage things again).

The truth is, no matter how much inspecting the arms inspectors do, if they find nothing the Pretzel Prez and his salivating dogs of war will just say Iraq's nasty WOMD are still hidden somewhere. Let's bomb 'em into the stone-age as is our god-given right!

Manifest destiny for the mighty United States Empire! Darth George?

Yeah, sure! Might is right if you'd rather not talk but fight.

There are heaps of countries with heaps more 'weapons of mass destruction' with heaps more dangerous governments than pissant broke-dick Iraq.

If L'il Dubya and the gluttonous monster military/industrial machine pushing his buttons - were serious about disarmament, then he'd support the concept of an entire Middle East free of WOMD.

Arabic leaders have been fostering that idea for years. Not interested, boys! That would mean the USA would have to confront Israel about ITS deadly arsenal.

This was Max Gross, chewing gum AND kicking ass: nuclear warheads ain't kosher!