Created: Saturday, 07 January 2006 Written by Patriot
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The terrorist mastermind behind Al Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri has called on US President George W Bush to "admit defeat" in Iraq. In a broadcast on the terrorist-supporting network Al Jazeera he said that a withdrawl of Coalition of Willing troops from Iraq would be a "victory" for terrorism.

"Bush, you must admit that you have been defeated in Iraq and that you are being defeated in Afghanistan and that you will soon be defeated in Palestine, with the help and strength of God," said the terrorist lunatic Zawahiri, aping the words of the chattering leftist classes in the western world.

Zawahiri has read the rantings of the anti-Bush peaceniks and he knows that he can use them to fuel his terrorist followers. They think that the West is weak and corrupt and will fold in the face of the casualties they are sustaining in the liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan.
This is the clearest evidence yet on the effect the latte-sippers are having in this War on Terror. Their words are now being used by our enemies to frighten and torment us.

But evil men like Zawahiri will learn soon enough that the civilised majority of the West are behind the trio of leaders who have brought freedom and democracy to the Arab world; he will learn that the steadfastness of President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair will crush him and his evil organization.

But the almost seditious behavior by anti-US lunatics like Pilger, Chomsky, Chato and Max Gross should not go unnoticed. Our troops are putting their lives on the line against the terrorists every day only to be stabbed in the back by these terrorist appeasers.

They will be held responsible for the treasonous tracts of poison they have published and a time of reckoning will come for them.

Victory and peace is near, we should all be rock solid behind our leaders at this time.

We depend on it, and most of all the children of the Arab world depend on it. They need us to bring them the world of freedom, democracy and prosperity that they deserve – not some medieval nightmare the defeatist left wing of the West would give them.

God bless,